July 23, 2007

I just ran into this rad pic and wanted to share it…


I called it!

July 22, 2007

I’ve been warning you about the squirrel agenda (world conquest) for some time now. In the past I wrote about squirrels killing dogs, attacking children, women and senior citizens. Today I have some new breaking news to share…

Regrettably it appears the squirrels have begun mobilizing their intelligence gathering forces. For the moment we are under the impression this is a part of their psychwar tactics, not the early signs of a confrontation (though there is always that potential). Here’s the scoop: Squirrels with embedded GPS and other intelligence gathering technology were captured as spies by Iran.

According to the, “at least 14 squirrels were arrested by Iranian authorities for espionage”. NPR also ran the story. Iran says the squirrels had GPS and other technology embedded in their bodies. This explains a lot. For a while now I’ve thought some squirrels jumped a little higher then naturally possible.

And as if Cyborg Squrriels weren’t a big enough problem, Iran is blaming us!!! Iran thinks, “[The] Rodents were being used by Western powers in an attempt to undermine the Islamic Republic” …I hope Iran realizes it’s the Furballs before they drop their first nuke.

I also hope this recent news tips some of you fence jockeys and social conformists. We all need to keep our eyes out for Cyborg Squrriels. Inconsistent eye reflections are a reliable indicator of embedded optical technology. Antenna toating tails move more rigidly and will react differently to charged wires. A field taser might be the best way to check a squirrel during interrogation. If one eye pops out or their tail catches on fire it’s a Cyber Squirrel. If it just gets really angry then it’s probably natural and you’d better chuck it ASAP. Even natural squirrels can do a lot of damage. I recommend standing near a lake within squirrel-chucking distance. Swimming to shore usually takes the fight out of ill-tempered vermin.

I’ll leave you with a video taken by a couple invaded by A SINGLE SQUIRREL. The man and women in this film were found mutilated in their home. There was no sign of the squirrel.


Further instructions will follow as additional information is made available. You’ve been warned. Act accordingly.

I’ve always thought inchworms (geometrid caterpillars) were nifty. …Especially when they’re moving in beat with my iPod (which happens). Here’s a video of one I ran into the other day on a smoke break…


OMG!!! What is it with raccoons and cameras!?! As I uploaded this video my wild raccoon buddy (Doug) came up to the door. …As usual he ran away before I could get the camera. The local opossums don’t mind being filmed, why are the raccoons so uppity?

Below is one of the opossums from “Corporate” (the local opossum gang). I don’t really like Corporate, but if you learn to keep your distance everything is cool. …Actually these guys haven’t hissed at me yet. I think they can sense that I really couldn’t care less about them being around me.

I snapped this with my camera phone…but they don’t really look any better in high-def. Opossums are odd looking.

Eagle vs Shark

July 13, 2007

I just watched this trailer (in 720p HD) and now I can’t wait to watch the whole movie. I doubt it’s the best movie of all time, but it seems like a fun way to spend a few hours.

Ever notice how “Full Screen” isn’t really full screen in FireGerbil (FireFox). …Oh, and I just discovered that if you press F11 too quickly or you’ll lockup the View menu…WTF!? Why do you people like FireGerbil?!?! What is your malfunction?

See, I was just surfing the corporate mail site. It doesn’t support IE7 so I had to resort to FireGerbil. The mail site looks like Outlook, so I hit F11 for full screen. …To my horror and amazement this ugly single-tabbed nav bar drop down…

IE7 doesn’t do that. It really does full screen. You see nothing but the webpage. It’s really sweet and simple.

And in case you were wondering, IE does have a nav bar in full screen mode. It’s just smarter and better looking (which kindof summarizes the differences between FireGerbil2 and IE7). If you move your mouse to the top of the screen a sexy nav window pops down. It then disappears instantly when you move your mouse away. This is what it looks like…

…And did you notice how the IE full screen experience supports multiple tabs by default? That’s nice. I wish FireGerbil did that. I thought FireGerbil was supposed to be really good at the multiple tab thang? Well, I guess not.

FireFox does allow you to bring the tabs up through a configuration change, or via hotkey. …But I have enough hotkeys and tweaks in my life right now. I like simple software that accurately anticipates my whim.

I bet the new FireGerbil slogan will be, “FireGerbil: It’s better than Safari!” …And I’ll bet millions of American’s will still be more than willing to chant it.

…Sometimes I think calling people sheep is being cruel to sheep.

Only in Santa Fe

June 28, 2007

No trick photography here, this is the real deal from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The photo was posted by Richard B. who claims the man was walking his dog, with a mouse sitting on a cat, sitting on a dog. Supposedly he stopped just long enough for a picture. …I can totally believe this since I’ve seen my parent’s cats riding their dog before. …I donno, maybe it’s a fake, who cares. It made me smile. I love crazy people.

Ok, that whale thing linked me to another noteworthy YouTube. Ever wanted to see a hot girl eaten by a shark? …How about a killer whale!?!