I ran into this on Google news… “Britain’s new prime minister, Gordon Brown, has disappointed American and British critics of the war in Iraq by declaring that he believes the West is involved in a “generation-long battle” against radical Islamic terrorism, that he believes the American mission in Iraq is worthwhile, and that he will stand by President Bush in his efforts to promote democracy in Iraq and in the rest of the Middle East.” – New York Sun

…I thought Blair was removed because he is anti-Iraq! Isn’t that a big part of why Brown was elected (technically he was “selected” through votes from his fellow labor party members)!?! I’m confused. Could he have come to this conclusion rationally?

Apparently the media led me astray on the new prime minister’s stance on The War.



July 25, 2007

New poll data is out with our current approval ratings for politicians. I’ll bet you can’t guess who the American people are upset with the most. If you guessed Bush had the lowest approval ratings you’d be wrong.

The current approval ratings are…

Bush: 30%
Democrat controlled Congress: 14%

Click here if you don’t believe me. This is an article about the legit Zogby poll the stats come from.

Bush’s horrible 30% looks amazing compared to the Democrat controlled Congress with a 14% approval rating.
That’s HALF of Bush’s approval rating.

…And even the old Republican controlled Congress scored higher than that. They had 23% before they were removed. Maybe we should have kept them?

So basically only 1 in 2 people are unhappy with bush, while more than 8 in 10 people are unhappy with Congress.

So…Am I right on this one? Is there a media bias? Didn’t you think Bush was less liked then Congress? The media (CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.) are suppose to be informing you, not misinforming you. Everyone should realize by now that the commercial media supports whichever will draw out the most controversy. …Because controversy = viewers and viewers = advertising money.

Forget about your opinions on Bush or Congress for a minute and just ponder the fact that you’ve been mislead.

I called it!

July 22, 2007

I’ve been warning you about the squirrel agenda (world conquest) for some time now. In the past I wrote about squirrels killing dogs, attacking children, women and senior citizens. Today I have some new breaking news to share…

Regrettably it appears the squirrels have begun mobilizing their intelligence gathering forces. For the moment we are under the impression this is a part of their psychwar tactics, not the early signs of a confrontation (though there is always that potential). Here’s the scoop: Squirrels with embedded GPS and other intelligence gathering technology were captured as spies by Iran.

According to the DailyWireless.org, “at least 14 squirrels were arrested by Iranian authorities for espionage”. NPR also ran the story. Iran says the squirrels had GPS and other technology embedded in their bodies. This explains a lot. For a while now I’ve thought some squirrels jumped a little higher then naturally possible.

And as if Cyborg Squrriels weren’t a big enough problem, Iran is blaming us!!! Iran thinks, “[The] Rodents were being used by Western powers in an attempt to undermine the Islamic Republic” …I hope Iran realizes it’s the Furballs before they drop their first nuke.

I also hope this recent news tips some of you fence jockeys and social conformists. We all need to keep our eyes out for Cyborg Squrriels. Inconsistent eye reflections are a reliable indicator of embedded optical technology. Antenna toating tails move more rigidly and will react differently to charged wires. A field taser might be the best way to check a squirrel during interrogation. If one eye pops out or their tail catches on fire it’s a Cyber Squirrel. If it just gets really angry then it’s probably natural and you’d better chuck it ASAP. Even natural squirrels can do a lot of damage. I recommend standing near a lake within squirrel-chucking distance. Swimming to shore usually takes the fight out of ill-tempered vermin.

I’ll leave you with a video taken by a couple invaded by A SINGLE SQUIRREL. The man and women in this film were found mutilated in their home. There was no sign of the squirrel.


Further instructions will follow as additional information is made available. You’ve been warned. Act accordingly.

A Surprising Catch

July 18, 2007

Today’s catch: a fat 16″ Brown Trout (top), a decent 14″ Rainbow Trout (middle) and a little Yellow Perch (guess).

I pulled these from the Lacamas Lake today. Unfortunately I think these three are headed for the cats and Doug (the raccoon). I feel a little guilty about not eating these, but honestly, the fish seemed unhealthy.

I accidently poked my finger through the Brown while gutting it. …I’ve never done that before, and I’ve cleaned my share of trout. I realize warmer water makes meat a little less firm, but this was ridiculous.

It bothered me enough to do a quick Google. Turns out Lacamas has dangerous mercury levels. …How did it get there? Dust from construction sites carries mercury into water where it’s absorbed by tiny aquatic organisms. Bacteria in the water changes into a form called methylmercury, which is absorbed by tiny aquatic organisms. Small things eat the bacteria, bigger things eat those things, and so on. The mercury binds to the protein in muscles. When a small fish is eaten by a bigger fish the mercury just moves into the bigger fish’s muscles. …The fish’s mercury level rises with each meal. What a pleasant thought. *pukes*

But wait, it gets worse! Apparently mercury affects the way your nerves operate. Specially your neruotransmitters’ like dopamine, serotonin, acetyicholine, and norepinephrine. Mercury is especially harmful for younger people; the unborn are at the highest risk.

This was a little alarming. I ate more than a few fish from Lacamas as a kid. …Most the kids that grew up around here did the same. The fish seemed healthy, and they probably were much healthier then, but…Wow that would explain a lot!

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll catch some healthy fish soon. I don’t have any profound ideas on how to resolve this mercury problem. …But I think putting up a sign at the lake would be a good idea.

Google news is running this headline in their top-5, American Diplomacy: Still Creating “Palestine” IMHO the title infers that America created it originally. This confuses me but doesn’t surprise me. Why is the media so pro-Arab in the Middle East? Shouldn’t the title read, American Diplomacy: Still Re-Creating “Palestine”

Wikipedia says the Romans rename the province of Ludaea as Syria Palaestina in 135 BC. …So, it seems like Romans created it. And it sounds like the Jews spilt a lot of blood over this…

In 135 CE, the costly victory in Bar Kokhba’s revolt by Hadrian resulted in 580,000 Jews killed (according to Cassius Dio) and an effort to destabilize the region’s Jewish population, including the re-establishment of Jerusalem as the Roman military colony of Aelia Capitolina,in which Jews were forbidden to set foot. Many Jews left the country altogether, and untold numbers of captives were sold as slaves throughout the Empire.

As part of a program of provincial reorganization, the Romans tried to deny the Jews their proprietary rights to the land of Judea and so renamed it Syria Palaestina, applying a name that had long been in use among local Greek speakers.

A number of events with far-reaching consequences took place, including religious schisms, such as Christianity branching off of Judaism.

The Romans destroyed the Jewish community of the Mother Church in Jerusalem, which had existed since the time of Jesus. The line of Jewish bishops in Jerusalem, which started with Jesus’s brother James the Righteous (Hebrew: Yaakov Ha-Tsadik) as its first bishop, now ceases to exist. The Romans impose a new line of non-Jewish bishops in Jerusalem.[citation needed] Christianity ceases to be a Jewish movement.


I’m not sure where I stand on Palestine. I don’t think I care about historical claims to the land. Arabs only make up 18.5% of the current population. I think they should be humbly accepting Israel’s offers. …But I’m sure some of you (Alex) might have other opinions? Maybe we can get a dialog going so I can learn something.

I’m doing something to fight AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy every day. I’m mapping the human genome, deciphering protein structures, etc. How you might ask? With my trusty World Community Grid Agent.

The World Community Grid is a huge super-computer made up of 600,000+ laptops, PCs and servers worldwide, all crunching away online. It’s similar to the SETI@Home project, only instead of looking for aliens we’re fighting evil viruses and figuring out what makes us tick.

What’s really sad is that SETI@Home is more popular. …And it’s a lot less efficient. The SETI@Home project wastes CPU cycles on flashy graphics. The World Community Grid is all business. Here’s what it looks like…

Normally this runs behind the scenes so the CPU can focus on fighting AIDS, etc. However, if you click Information button you can see what it’s doing…

Isn’t that super? I love it! You can also pick which projects you want to contribute to online via your account settings…

…So, why not click here and install this wonderful program today! If everybody did this just imagine what could happen.


Oh, and special thanks to Salvatore Previti (one of my blog readers) for telling me about this. You rock!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you; squirrels really are plotting to take over the world. People all over the world are reporting squirrels exhibiting intelligent predator behavior.

Recently I was informed about an incident that took place in Berlin Germany, where a squirrel leapt from a window and attacked someone. It gets worse; the victum, a middle-aged lady, ran out into the streets with the squirrel still clawing and biting crawling around her body. Eventually it spotted what it must have suspected was a weaker victim and abandon the women.

The “weaker” victim was actually a 72-year old man. …Now, say what you will about the grayhairs among us, but most of their men can wield a mean cane. This grayhair turned on the rabid squirrel and crushed it under his crutch with one mighty blow! Score one for the grayhairs! It’s good to know they’re still well informed and fighting the good fight.

…To all you non-believers; if this didn’t convince you that the squirrels are plotting against us I don’t know what will. Keep in mind, there are 50 squirrels for every one person on earth. The average human might be able to fight off a few, but I pity-the-fool who takes on 50 all by their oncie. …Oh, and they’re multiplying fast. Squirrels multiply at a rate 350% faster than humans. We need to unit to suppress this evil uprising before it is too late.