The mainstream media has been running tons of bits on “number-crunching” Chimpanzees today. Here’s one headline from WiredScience, “Chimpanzees are probably better than you at math.” Having previously studied primates’ mathematical abilities, I was shocked. It’s widely known that primates can’t do math because they don’t think the way we do. Eagerly I read the article only to learn that math wasn’t involved in this exercise. That pissed me off (I hate deceitful headlines), so I decided to blog about it.

Here’s the real skinny on this bit of misinformation. The chimps were TRAINED to use a touch-screen and memorization program. The program displays numbers in random positions, then the numbers disappear and the chimp touches the places the numbers appeared in numerical order (1, 2, 3, etc).

We know the chimps see numbers as symbols and understand that one symbol preceeds the next. But that’s the extend of their “genius”. There was no addition, subtraction, multiplication or division involved in this exersize. If chimps could add two numbers and understand what they were doing then that would be a true number crunching math chimp, but these aren’t. Again, the headline was, “Chimpanzees are probably better than you at math” …A complete lie.

Some chimps, which had practiced for quite some time, were pitted against college students who had no prior experience with this exercise. The students kept up with the chimps until the numbers were only appearing for less than half a second. I’m not impressed at all that chimps can be trained to react/memorize faster than humans who weren’t trained.

Instead of pitting college students against the chimps, why not use children and spend an equal amount of time training them? I’d put money on a 6-year old winning. …Children are faster learners than adults and have excellent memorization skills.

Obviously this story is another example of the media selling scientific lies by the click. Below is a clip from an average player in a Halo 3 match. Your reaction time here has to be in the 50-millisecond range to be competitive, and it’s ridiculously more complicated then the chimp game above. This is the kind of game humans (children and adults) play FOR FUN. Let’s see a chimp do this…



Remember the Woodpecker?

October 10, 2007

This massive ULF (ultra low frequency) assembly, a part of the Duga-3 array, is over a mile long. ULF (ultra low frequency) waves easily penetrate the earth, and lots of other dense matter. From 1976 – 1989 it sent out a powerful 10Hz wave that sounded a lot like a low frequency woodpecker. The way interrupted broadcasts, amateur radio, and utility transmissions resulting in THOUSANDS of complaints from various countries.

That was a long time ago. Wireless wasn’t so important back then. It is now.

If Russia ever turns this back on, or if someone else builds their own and does the same, we should expect two things…

  1. More bricked iPhones (many other wireless devices will also be bricked)
  2. We might go crazy

That’s the other horrible thing about microwaves. They can affect our brains. Current technology isn’t up for mind-control, but you don’t have to control someone’s mind to make them go insane.

Still don’t get it? Go to your TV. Turn it on and find some snow (aka white-noise). Now turn up the volume and try to concentrate. Then imagine that bliss 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Don’t you wish we had one? We have something sort-of similar, it’s called HAARP. It runs on UHF (ultra high frequencies), which do not penetrate the earth easily. However, HAARP transmissions could probably bounce around inside the ionosphere and cause problems that way.

Anwayz, I’m not saying our friendly Russian neighbors will ever turn The Woodpecker on again, but it is scary to think about. Especially since this has been used before and we know it does work. Let’s hope it’s torn down and the metal is turned into a bridge or something.

Why aren’t the feminists in America focused on ending the slaughter of young women in China and India? I’m not talking about abortion. I’m talking about the murder of babies; young girls, the handicapped or other unwanted children.

It’s sad but it’s nothing new. Back in 200BC the Greeks were doing this with a smile on their face. I bet you weren’t taught about this in Public School. You probably weren’t told about the ugly side of the Greeks because they are the beloved of academia. The Greeks were pigs in so many ways…but I digress. The current champions of death today are China and India.

Here’s a recent true story from India…

Lakshmi already had one daughter, so when she gave birth to a second girl, she killed her. For the three days of her second child’s short life, Lakshmi admits, she refused to nurse her. To silence the infant’s famished cries, the impoverished village woman squeezed the milky sap from an oleander shrub, mixed it with castor oil, and forced the poisonous potion down the newborn’s throat. The baby bled from the nose, then died soon afterward. Female neighbors buried her in a small hole near Lakshmi’s square thatched hut of sunbaked mud. They sympathized with Lakshmi, and in the same circumstances, some would probably have done what she did. For despite the risk of execution by hanging and about 16 months of a much-ballyhooed government scheme to assist families with daughters, in some hamlets of … Tamil Nadu, murdering girls is still sometimes believed to be a wiser course than raising them. “A daughter is always liabilities. How can I bring up a second?” Lakshmi, 28, answered firmly when asked by a visitor how she could have taken her own child’s life eight years ago. “Instead of her suffering the way I do, I thought it was better to get rid of her.”

Quote by John-Thor Dahlburg writing for the LA Times in his article, “Where killing baby girls ‘is no big sin'”

Things are worse in China where girls are considered “maggots in the rice.” Read on if you have the stomach…

…culture dictates that when a girl marries she leaves her family and becomes part of her husband’s family. For this reason Chinese peasants have for many centuries wanted a son to ensure there is someone to look after them in their old age — having a boy child is the best pension a Chinese peasant can get. Baby girls are even called “maggots in the rice”…Quote from “Gendercide and Genocide” by Adam Jones


I’m not disillusioned by this horrific tragedy. I know many wonderful people from China and India. That’s why I believe we can prevent this from happening. The people of the world need to be more vocal about our disapproval of these egregious acts.

If you care about this topic you might consider getting involved. It’s actually easier then you might think. There’s more than one website dedicated to stopping Gendercide, you could simply surf over to and signup for their mailing list.

It would only take seconds to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem, but I bet you won’t take the time. My experience has been that most people want to ignore problems like this. You’d probably rather pretend it doesn’t exist.

Fact or Fiction?

October 3, 2007

Recently a sixth-grade teacher brought up the Iraq war in her classroom. She said America was doing terrible things in Iraq, and that we needed to leave as soon as possible.

Unbeknownst to the teacher one of her new students recently lost her older brother in Iraq. This little girl proudly rebutted, “My brother went to Iraq to fix things. They killed him for trying to help. He’s in heaven now.”

The teacher rolled her eyes. Dedicated to the idea that she needed to educate her students on the harsh world around them she responded, “I’m sorry to tell you this, but if he was fighting in Iraq then he wasn’t helping anyone.”The little girl looked hurt for a second. Then she swallowed hard and said, “Oh yeah, when I get to heaven I’ll ask him.”

Irritated at the child’s response the teacher sharply replied, “What if he went to hell!?!”

Immediately the little girl spouted back, “Then you ask him!”

Taken from the latest Google news headlines, “Radiohead Shuns iTunes, Sells New Album Online Direct” I’m thrilled. All bands should sell their music direct. Who needs to music industry?

Click here to pre-order their latest CD titled, “inrainbows”. Radiohead seems to be doing this the right way. You can either pay to download the song, or pay for a CD. If you buy the CD you get a free download. That’s the way everyone should do it.

I hope Radiohead makes a billion dollars on this CD. I think they could help change things by illustrating how much more profitable it is to cut out the suits.

Checkout this video. The kid who gets attacked in this video wasn’t being terribly polite, but he was acting within the boundaries I’ve observed in other collage political forums. Normally there are at least a few questions from passionate people like this. …Then again, few of them bring up the secret brotherhood of death.

This guy said a few flattering about Kerry. Nothing other libs haven’t already said, simply that Kerry should be president and that he technically won the last election (funny, but hey that’s his opinion). He also asked why Kerry didn’t protest the election results and wanted to know why he won’t impeach Bush.

The last question he asked was if Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones. Immediately the dude was jumped. As they drag him out of the room he’s screaming, “Please, what did I do? Why are you arresting me? What did I do?” Then, “Don’t taze me man! Please don’t taze me!!!”

…The taser sounded like a cash register ringing. You know this guy is going to get millions for this. Tasers are a non-lethal-force weapon, but they aren’t supposed to be used without a just cause. There were plenty of people on this guy. They didn’t need to zap him.

I’ll bet this makes plenty of people wonder once again about those outlandish Skull and Bones rumors. It’s odd how things like this keep happening to those investigating the society.

Kerry now says, “I don’t know what transpired”. As you can clearly tell from the video, Kerry was right there the whole time. If you listen to the video you can even hear Kerry mocking the guy as he’s being attacked, “…too bad that young man can’t come up here to swear me in as president” How can anyone respect this guy? He’s such a filthy liar.

I promise not to blog a ton about Iraq, but I had to write about this. I’m still outraged at America’s childish reaction to the war and ignorance on the topic.

Today I ran into another article from Greenpeace about all the looting surrounding Saddam’s nuclear facilities.

The author of that article came to the conclusion that America brought instability to Iraq which caused the looting and spread of radioactive materials (taken from nuclear facilities).

My take is a little different. People who build nuclear facilities next to schools are irresponsible fools. This is just another reason I’m glad Saddam is gone.

The girl above is standing outside the Al-Majidat school for girls (900 pupils), next to the former Tuwaitha nuclear facility.

Greenpeace’s main concern seems to be that people have been looting/collecting harmful radioactive materials found in Saddam’s old facilities. In my not-so-humble-opinion, Greenpeace, CNN, NBC, FOX, etc. should have been more alarmed that Saddam built nuclear facilities next to schools.

But who would be foolish enough to collect radioactive materials? Saddam’s poor, brainwashed, uneducated and enslaved people.

This is a shot of a delighted looter at the Tuwaitha nuclear center in Iraq. It was taken early in June of 2003. It’s so sad seeing these images.

These people deserve so better than Saddam gave them. Iraq should be a rich and healthy nation, hopefully they will be soon. People can try to make this about politics, but in my mind this is about hope. Maybe Iraq doesn’t stand a chance at success in the free world. …But I hope they succeed.