My thoughts on Ubuntu

September 26, 2007

Linux is just a kernel (the core of an OS) each “distro” contains a unique set of applications that control the look and feel of linux.

Ubuntu is a Linux “distro” that offers a Vista-like look and feel. Here’s a screenshot of the default install…

Of course there are also Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu distros. …These all use the GNOME “Desktop Environment” to display programs, navigate, etc.

Randomly I found this cartoon today. It expresses my feelings on Ubuntu perfectly…

But don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate non-Microsoft operating systems. I just poke fun at them. I think Linux is great for some systems, like servers running as a “black-box” with no monitor or keyboard.

By the way, since we’re on the OS topic again I have to bring up Vista. I love bragging about how well it’s doing, since everyone else keeps lying about it.

You can monitor OS popularity using this NetApps site. I wasn’t surprised to see Vista gained 6.2% since last September while Mac OS gained 0.55% and Mac OS X has only gained 1.98%. So much for that momentum Stevie always talks about.

In all fairness though, I do think Mac OS X is the best Unix distro EVER. It’s a great operating system. I strongly recommend it to people who don’t know how to use a computer and have no interest in learning.

I’ve always said Apple’s OS is great for people who don’t mind drawing inside the lines. *snickers*

Viva La Vista!

9 Responses to “My thoughts on Ubuntu”

  1. wagedomain Says:

    I’m a pretty strong Windows supporter myself, and I bought my first Mac recently. Trying out OS X is a lot of fun, I have to admit, and I get what Apple fans mean when they say “it just works”.

    That said, it lacks some things that I like about Windows and feels really locked down.

    Ubuntu, though, I absolutely hate, along with most Linux distributions. It’s not an elitist thing, it’s an experience thing. Every time I have sat down and installed Linux on one of my machines, problems have occurred. Sometimes big problems, sometimes not.

    Even the newest version of Ubuntu acted oddly for me, formatting a drive I quadruple checked before installing to (I installed to a partition, it formatted the whole drive for me without asking).

    Interesting to see the popularity charts, though.

  2. 8r13n Says:

    Thanks for the post. I love it when smart people comment on my blog.

  3. 8r13n Says:

    …I should also mention that I’m considering buying a Mac to dual-boot with Vista and Mac OS-X. Apple builds decent hardware most the time. I really like their laptops.

    Microsoft on the other hand usually builds junk hardware, but there are exceptions. Most of those belong to the XBox line. Especially that USB Xbox 360 WiFi adapter. It’s a great value, and it prevents people from having to do geeky things like this…

  4. wagedomain Says:

    To be fair to Microsoft, they are a software company, not a hardware company. Primarily, I mean of course. This is shifting right now, but historically Apple focuses on hardware and not software, and Microsoft focuses on software that runs on other people’s hardware.

    If you take a look at the two companies, you can see that this is pretty true, even today.

    As for the xbox, the first xbox was pretty rock solid if you get past the optical drive. The DVD-ROM they chose was terrible, and it went through three or four iterations. I was a victim of this problem, but luckily it was after the 360 launch.

    The 360, yes, is pisspoor hardware under the hood. At least, the previous build was. We’ll see how the new hardware revisions hold up over time. I was a victim of the red ring of death issue as well. My replacement is only under their extended 3 year warranty for a little while longer, I think. I get fuzzy on if the warranty covers 3 years from the date you purchased the box or the date on the bottom of manufacture.

    My original box was bought used on ebay, and died after 6 months. The new one has a more recent date, but I don’t know which of these three dates (original manufacture date, refurb manufacture date, my personal date of purchase) I go by.

  5. 8r13n Says:

    You’re right about the Xbox consoles. It’s a well known fact that they have heat issues, maybe the 65nm verions will fix that? My original XBox broke so many times I got tired of fixing it. They’re a pain in the ass to take a part. Usually my DVD lens had simply wondered off center. I know this was also a common PS2 problem because I fixed a few units with the same issue, but that’s no excuse.

    I haven’t bought a 360 yet, but next week I’m planning on grabbing the 360 Elite. It has better heat dispersion, and seperate chip for HDMI (I’ll be running 1080p so I need that).

    I think the XBox architecture is smart because it supports DirectX. You can write a game once using DirectX and run it on a PC or XBox console, that’s sweet. The console hardware isn’t that great.

    I am glad Microsoft is replacing bricks. Some companies (Sony) probably wouldn’t replace a single console. Microsoft has been great about handing them out like candy. I frequently hear about people who have gone through 2-3 consoles. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t hack their own cooling solutions…But I digress.

    The XBox WiFi adapter seems to be an anomaly, sortof like the high-end Microsoft webcams. I have no idea who makes them, I’m sure they aren’t Microsoft employees, I suspect Mexico factory works. All the same, they’re great.

    The little XBox 360 WiFi adapter supported 802.11a from day one, and reviewers say it’s second to none. …Of course, I think that should have been built-in like the PS3’s WiFi adapter.

  6. wagedomain Says:

    The xbox name originated from the term “Direct-x Box”.

    Releasing their API to the public was pretty awesome too. Definitely increased the likelihood of diamond-in-the-rough XBLA games.

  7. 8r13n Says:

    How interesting, great comment. I blogged a while back about my confidence in the DirectX agenda. That article even has a pic of Bill Gates in Doom going over his Master Plan. The pic was from a video where Bill explained the MS gaming technology path. It was shot back in 1995, I’m surprised how well they’ve stuck to their plan.

  8. descargar loquendo Says:

    Good and relevant post.

  9. Peetra Says:

    Kubuntu uses KDE desktop envirement, Xubuntu Xfce. The names are K-ubuntu and X-ubuntu come from that. 🙂 Gnome is giving place for Unity in the next release of Ubuntu.

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