The Secret Brotherhood of Death

September 19, 2007

Checkout this video. The kid who gets attacked in this video wasn’t being terribly polite, but he was acting within the boundaries I’ve observed in other collage political forums. Normally there are at least a few questions from passionate people like this. …Then again, few of them bring up the secret brotherhood of death.

This guy said a few flattering about Kerry. Nothing other libs haven’t already said, simply that Kerry should be president and that he technically won the last election (funny, but hey that’s his opinion). He also asked why Kerry didn’t protest the election results and wanted to know why he won’t impeach Bush.

The last question he asked was if Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones. Immediately the dude was jumped. As they drag him out of the room he’s screaming, “Please, what did I do? Why are you arresting me? What did I do?” Then, “Don’t taze me man! Please don’t taze me!!!”

…The taser sounded like a cash register ringing. You know this guy is going to get millions for this. Tasers are a non-lethal-force weapon, but they aren’t supposed to be used without a just cause. There were plenty of people on this guy. They didn’t need to zap him.

I’ll bet this makes plenty of people wonder once again about those outlandish Skull and Bones rumors. It’s odd how things like this keep happening to those investigating the society.

Kerry now says, “I don’t know what transpired”. As you can clearly tell from the video, Kerry was right there the whole time. If you listen to the video you can even hear Kerry mocking the guy as he’s being attacked, “…too bad that young man can’t come up here to swear me in as president” How can anyone respect this guy? He’s such a filthy liar.

3 Responses to “The Secret Brotherhood of Death”

  1. Hey Brien,

    Of Tasers, Skull and Bones, and so-called freedom of speech

    The time for civility is long past. To manhandle and then taser-torture a student for asking questions, no matter how inconvenient, is evil, pure and simple.

    Is true freedom of speech for the rich only? Is the USA’s constitution nothing more than an “Illuminated” deception? Sadly, all of the available evidence seems to prove it!

    Here is Wisdom…

  2. 8r13n Says:

    I’ve read our constitution a few times, and I like it.

    The old English common law, Magna carta, was the foundation for our construction. Both documents were supposed to represent The Supreme Law which could not be superceded by any other law.

    They were designed primarily for the common man, unfortunately both are now nothing more then relics. I think that’s the problem. The constitution isn’t relevant anymore.

    Seven Star Hand, you have a great blog. I just checked it out. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I’m glad you’re saying it. I love outspoken people.

  3. 8r13n Says:

    Seven Star Hand…I wish you had comments enabled on your blog, why don’t you?

    In one of your previous posts titled, “Why Bush used 36, in last night’s speech!!” you devote a lot of attention to the number 666.

    People used to use numbers like acronyms to save time, and as a substitute when writing a word was forbidden. Such is the case of 666, it was Nero’s acronym/number. The number was written DCLXVI in Rome where it was popularized. It was written as χξς’ in Greek.

    I’m not afraid of the Beast because I don’t believe in a struggle between God and anything else. I think God is omnipotent, so he cannot have any rivals by definition.

    Of course this isn’t the Biblical view, but I don’t drink the Emperors cool-aid without checking for flies. I read the Bible in context now because I understand who put it together. Constantine was a bad guy who used religion to control people. After he murdered his co-emporer Licinius and most of his men he undid the Edict of Milan.

    The Edict of Milan allowed unregulated worship. Constantine wanted people to stop fighting over religion. He thought they would only do this if they were united in faith so had the Counsel of Nica tell Christians what to believe. Those who disagreed were executed or banished. …Just look at some of their other “laws” that council passed, there were around 20. One even prohibits kneeling in specific situations. …Constantine also murdered his son and believed he himself was a God. I think the Bible is still the Emperors version of Christianity.

    I probably didn’t convince you of anything with this rant, but I hope I made you wonder. Check the facts out for yourself. The truth is out there.

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