Another reason I’m glad Saddam is gone

September 1, 2007

I promise not to blog a ton about Iraq, but I had to write about this. I’m still outraged at America’s childish reaction to the war and ignorance on the topic.

Today I ran into another article from Greenpeace about all the looting surrounding Saddam’s nuclear facilities.

The author of that article came to the conclusion that America brought instability to Iraq which caused the looting and spread of radioactive materials (taken from nuclear facilities).

My take is a little different. People who build nuclear facilities next to schools are irresponsible fools. This is just another reason I’m glad Saddam is gone.

The girl above is standing outside the Al-Majidat school for girls (900 pupils), next to the former Tuwaitha nuclear facility.

Greenpeace’s main concern seems to be that people have been looting/collecting harmful radioactive materials found in Saddam’s old facilities. In my not-so-humble-opinion, Greenpeace, CNN, NBC, FOX, etc. should have been more alarmed that Saddam built nuclear facilities next to schools.

But who would be foolish enough to collect radioactive materials? Saddam’s poor, brainwashed, uneducated and enslaved people.

This is a shot of a delighted looter at the Tuwaitha nuclear center in Iraq. It was taken early in June of 2003. It’s so sad seeing these images.

These people deserve so better than Saddam gave them. Iraq should be a rich and healthy nation, hopefully they will be soon. People can try to make this about politics, but in my mind this is about hope. Maybe Iraq doesn’t stand a chance at success in the free world. …But I hope they succeed.


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