July 25, 2007

New poll data is out with our current approval ratings for politicians. I’ll bet you can’t guess who the American people are upset with the most. If you guessed Bush had the lowest approval ratings you’d be wrong.

The current approval ratings are…

Bush: 30%
Democrat controlled Congress: 14%

Click here if you don’t believe me. This is an article about the legit Zogby poll the stats come from.

Bush’s horrible 30% looks amazing compared to the Democrat controlled Congress with a 14% approval rating.
That’s HALF of Bush’s approval rating.

…And even the old Republican controlled Congress scored higher than that. They had 23% before they were removed. Maybe we should have kept them?

So basically only 1 in 2 people are unhappy with bush, while more than 8 in 10 people are unhappy with Congress.

So…Am I right on this one? Is there a media bias? Didn’t you think Bush was less liked then Congress? The media (CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.) are suppose to be informing you, not misinforming you. Everyone should realize by now that the commercial media supports whichever will draw out the most controversy. …Because controversy = viewers and viewers = advertising money.

Forget about your opinions on Bush or Congress for a minute and just ponder the fact that you’ve been mislead.


6 Responses to “Bahahahaha”

  1. 8r13n Says:

    I think there is a bias in the media, but I don’t believe in a big media conspiracy. It seems like the media simply promotes controversy. They all know that’s what brings in the advertising dollars and publicity.

    My point was that the media uses the American sheeple by pitting them against one man, when our true enemy is the entire filthy lot of them.

    And I don’t think title matters. Republican, Independent or Democrat…that a swine would reek less by any other name? They’re all filthy pigs in my book.

    My point was that the media uses controversy. …Wait a minute, that’s being cruel to pigs.

    Do you know the difference between pigs and Congressmen?

    Pigs have feelings.

  2. Deb Says:

    That’s because WE the PEOPLE expect more from the Dems than from Bushie. We all know Bush is bad, but he is “The Decider.”

  3. Alex Says:

    Well, lets think for a minute about this. Assuming polls even matter, or mean anything whatsoever. Lets look at the numbers Bush’s approval rating of 30% is low, very low in historical perspective. Basically what you can infer from that is 3 out of 10 polled will stick by him no matter what. Short of Bush marrying Cheney in the Rose Garden while simultaneously signing a bill legalizing abortion, stem-cell research, and granting amnesty to all illegal immigrants, they will say they approve of whatever he does. Big deal, write home about how the people who love you are too dumb to know what you’re doing to their beloved country. Ok, second, I think it’d be close to accurate to say that between 35-40 percent of America is party line republican(I can’t back that with numbers) another 35-40 percent are party line dems, and the remaining 20-30 percent are too stupid to know which party represents their interests, and are the so-called ‘swing vote’. Well, bush’s 30 percent of course do not approve of the democrat controlled congress, so the pool of potential ‘approve’ votes goes down. Furthermore, the dems were put in with the mandate to end the war. This of course has not happened, it has been ‘escalated’ to use a vietnam-era word(Republicans prefer the word ‘surge’ don’t want any flashbacks to ‘nam, good work, karl rove). Not to generalize too much, but I think most dems(more than republicans) will feast on their own; they will turn on their ‘guy’ or ‘gal’ if they don’t get the job done, or betray the voters. Hence a 14% approval rating. I personally approve of a lot of what they’ve ‘tried’ to do, but the results aren’t showing. Like I said, I think most people are stupid and ignorant anyways, so polls don’t mean much to me. It is an interesting study though, and it does say something about people’s perceptions….I guess

  4. 8r13n Says:

    Alex, great comment. I love smart people commenting on my blog. Personally I don’t know what to think about the war. I wish I could be more sure of things, but our damn media keeps lying to me. I know they’ve misrepresented the war from day 1.

    For example, did you know it’s safer to live in Iraq then Chicago? Did you know 70 Americans die on the road for every 1 soldier in Iraq? This has been an almost bloodless war for us. That’s part of what bothers me. If the media is lying about this too why should I believe anything they say?

    Honestly I’m less concerned with the war. Regardless of what people say it’s a relativity safe war to be in. …Well, safe as wars get.

    I think the people that have a problem with the war should leave Iraq and let the soldiers who want to finish the job stay there. …And many of them do. The Iraqis have been concerned about us stirring up trouble then leaving from DAY 1. The first Bush did that because he was being pressured by the UN, and many many people died. Everyone agrees that was a horrible move now. …With that in mind the Iraqi perspective makes sense. …And their worse nightmare is coming true. Everyone who helped us over there is dead the minute we leave.

    …I’m just glad it’s not my decision to make.

  5. Deb Says:

    Brien, Bush/Cheney and company lied to us!

    I long for the days of real reporters who ask probing questions.

  6. 8r13n Says:

    …Don’t you believe all politicians lie? If Iraq was a huge success I don’t think anyone would have cared.

    Let’s just say we had Bush and Cheney thrown into a pit of snakes. Where would that leave us?

    I don’t think Bush and Cheney are the problem. I blame: 1) disinterested people, 2) the media, 3) our political process and 4) politicians. …In that order.

    Bush never would have been in power, TWICE, if the American sheeple didn’t elect him. I’ll admit I was a big supporter for a while. …But now I am only supporting those championing political reform.

    Obama has said he’s all about changing things. A decent portion of his second book is devoted to problems with our political processes, and how he wants to change things.

    …I’m not under the illusion that he’s really going to do what he says, but I think voting for a person with this kind of agenda sends a message. …You know he’s only taking private donations. He’s the only candidate that isn’t already owned by corporate America.

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