146,000 iPhones sold on launch weekend

July 25, 2007

LOL, wow. This sucks for Stevie. I wish Apple had gone the Nano route with the iPhone. I liked the simple interface. My favorite thing about the Nano is that I didn’t have to look at the screen.

That’s something I like about TV. You’re unaware of the interface. We look at the screen when we use TV, but we rarely look at the remote itself. Its simple enough we memorize the interface quickly and then use it without thinking.

Traditional cell phones like the Nokia 8260 (picture left) were super easy to use. And they were small with long lasting batteries.

Back then phones had to be simple because users weren’t technical. I’m convinced cell phones have become MORE difficult to use as phones over time. And I don’t know why somebody doesn’t just go back to the 8260 type model. Functionality first!


…Since publishing this article I have learned Apple actually sold 270,000. Only 146,000 could be activated. The activation issue was Cingular’s fault. Still, these are amazingly low sales numbers. They’d expected 500K to 1M.

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