Pictures of Bees

July 18, 2007

I’m trying to improve my digital camera skillz so I’ve been snapping a lot of random pictures. Today I just happened to have the camera handy when some bees caught my eye. These were taken using the Macro feature on my old Cannon S410. I’m pretty happy with these results. …Well, I’m making progress. I took these pictures from one of the flowerbeds at my parents place (my mom is an amazing gardener).

I really liked this shot…

Here’s a zoom-in on the bee from the pic above…

And I never realized how huge some bees ‘horns’ were until I took these…


I especially liked this shot, the online version is nothing compared to the original…


4 Responses to “Pictures of Bees”

  1. Deb Says:

    I love bees, too!! But my dog wants to catch them. One time she got stung and her mouth swelled for 24 hours. But she didn’t care, dogz!

    Monday, I started at IMC Networks in Foothill Ranch. It’s small and great! I’ll be working on Operation Manuals for fiber optic products.

    Take it easy

    BTW, I love sushi, but never eat cow, chicken, pig. I LOVE PIGS!!

  2. Leslie Says:

    Pretty nice pics, I cant wait to get my digi cam!!

  3. Justin Says:


    I’m a developer too.

    Did you know that two of your “bee” pictures is actually a moth that has evolved to look like a bee? Pics 4 and 5 down are actually a hummingbird moth. Here’s a link to a website about them:

    p.s. I found your site via a link from I’ve come looking for your article on accessing the motion detection system in laptops.

  4. 8r13n Says:

    Thanks for the post Justin! I didn’t know Hummingbird Moths existed until today. …We do have lots of regular Hummingbirds here. I think they are “Anna’s Hummingbirds”

    Whatever their name may be, they sneak up and buzz me while I’m smoking/thinking/lurking. All I hear is this buzzing sound flying past my head. …It’s creepy, but I like hummingbirds so I let it slide.

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