More Random Local Wildlife

July 13, 2007

I’ve always thought inchworms (geometrid caterpillars) were nifty. …Especially when they’re moving in beat with my iPod (which happens). Here’s a video of one I ran into the other day on a smoke break…


OMG!!! What is it with raccoons and cameras!?! As I uploaded this video my wild raccoon buddy (Doug) came up to the door. …As usual he ran away before I could get the camera. The local opossums don’t mind being filmed, why are the raccoons so uppity?

Below is one of the opossums from “Corporate” (the local opossum gang). I don’t really like Corporate, but if you learn to keep your distance everything is cool. …Actually these guys haven’t hissed at me yet. I think they can sense that I really couldn’t care less about them being around me.

I snapped this with my camera phone…but they don’t really look any better in high-def. Opossums are odd looking.


2 Responses to “More Random Local Wildlife”

  1. MK Says:

    I am fairly disappointed that I have not seen Doug yet. But the inchworm helped a lot.


  2. Deb Says:

    O’Possums are the best. They eat snails, LOL

    They are really scared of us, so we must be kind to them and let them be.

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