Eagle vs Shark

July 13, 2007

I just watched this trailer (in 720p HD) and now I can’t wait to watch the whole movie. I doubt it’s the best movie of all time, but it seems like a fun way to spend a few hours.


One Response to “Eagle vs Shark”

  1. Alex W Says:

    Brien…weird, The guy playing the eagle is Jermaine Clement, a kiwi, who is half of the folk-parody group ‘The Flight of the Conchords’. I actually watched the HBO pilot of their show of the same name on Youtube earlier tonight, it’s quite hilarious. They have the pilot broken up into three parts. If you have some time to kill(and I know you do :)) check it out. Oh yeah, the movie looks hilarious too. I checked, it has an August release date in theatREs in the uk, probably very limited release in the U.S, only in cities with high concentrations of snarky hipsters.:)

    P.S Your blog spell-check doesn’t know the work ‘snarky’!

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