America created Palestine? I think not.

July 10, 2007

Google news is running this headline in their top-5, American Diplomacy: Still Creating “Palestine” IMHO the title infers that America created it originally. This confuses me but doesn’t surprise me. Why is the media so pro-Arab in the Middle East? Shouldn’t the title read, American Diplomacy: Still Re-Creating “Palestine”

Wikipedia says the Romans rename the province of Ludaea as Syria Palaestina in 135 BC. …So, it seems like Romans created it. And it sounds like the Jews spilt a lot of blood over this…

In 135 CE, the costly victory in Bar Kokhba’s revolt by Hadrian resulted in 580,000 Jews killed (according to Cassius Dio) and an effort to destabilize the region’s Jewish population, including the re-establishment of Jerusalem as the Roman military colony of Aelia Capitolina,in which Jews were forbidden to set foot. Many Jews left the country altogether, and untold numbers of captives were sold as slaves throughout the Empire.

As part of a program of provincial reorganization, the Romans tried to deny the Jews their proprietary rights to the land of Judea and so renamed it Syria Palaestina, applying a name that had long been in use among local Greek speakers.

A number of events with far-reaching consequences took place, including religious schisms, such as Christianity branching off of Judaism.

The Romans destroyed the Jewish community of the Mother Church in Jerusalem, which had existed since the time of Jesus. The line of Jewish bishops in Jerusalem, which started with Jesus’s brother James the Righteous (Hebrew: Yaakov Ha-Tsadik) as its first bishop, now ceases to exist. The Romans impose a new line of non-Jewish bishops in Jerusalem.[citation needed] Christianity ceases to be a Jewish movement.

I’m not sure where I stand on Palestine. I don’t think I care about historical claims to the land. Arabs only make up 18.5% of the current population. I think they should be humbly accepting Israel’s offers. …But I’m sure some of you (Alex) might have other opinions? Maybe we can get a dialog going so I can learn something.


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