The World Community Grid Agent: GET IT!!!

June 29, 2007

I’m doing something to fight AIDS, Muscular Dystrophy every day. I’m mapping the human genome, deciphering protein structures, etc. How you might ask? With my trusty World Community Grid Agent.

The World Community Grid is a huge super-computer made up of 600,000+ laptops, PCs and servers worldwide, all crunching away online. It’s similar to the SETI@Home project, only instead of looking for aliens we’re fighting evil viruses and figuring out what makes us tick.

What’s really sad is that SETI@Home is more popular. …And it’s a lot less efficient. The SETI@Home project wastes CPU cycles on flashy graphics. The World Community Grid is all business. Here’s what it looks like…

Normally this runs behind the scenes so the CPU can focus on fighting AIDS, etc. However, if you click Information button you can see what it’s doing…

Isn’t that super? I love it! You can also pick which projects you want to contribute to online via your account settings…

…So, why not click here and install this wonderful program today! If everybody did this just imagine what could happen.

Oh, and special thanks to Salvatore Previti (one of my blog readers) for telling me about this. You rock!


3 Responses to “The World Community Grid Agent: GET IT!!!”

  1. Alex W Says:

    Brien…I don’t need your computer working to prolong my life. The CDC estimates my life expectancy at 74 years already!!

    Furthermore, this Austrian life expectancy calculator predicts a personalized life expectancy for me of over 91!And, AND, a 10% chance of living to 101!

    Given this information, I’m already considering taking up smoking and bull-riding to mitigate the healthy, non-risk-taking lifestyle I’ve led so far. I don’t want to live forever!And I sure as hell don’t need your computer propping me up in my old age, my so called ‘golden’ years when I can’t even take myself to the bathroom!

    I guess compassion for other human beings suffering could be a motive to plug my pc into the matrix….but some people are better off dead. Wow, I’m in a good mood tonight!:)

  2. Alex W Says:

    Oh, apologies for being so computer illiterate that I don’t know how to embed the link in fancy clickable text like you. Maybe you could teach me 🙂

  3. 8r13n Says:

    I think you can use HTML tags.

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