Full Screen? Not in FireGerbil! (grr)

June 29, 2007

Ever notice how “Full Screen” isn’t really full screen in FireGerbil (FireFox). …Oh, and I just discovered that if you press F11 too quickly or you’ll lockup the View menu…WTF!? Why do you people like FireGerbil?!?! What is your malfunction?

See, I was just surfing the corporate mail site. It doesn’t support IE7 so I had to resort to FireGerbil. The mail site looks like Outlook, so I hit F11 for full screen. …To my horror and amazement this ugly single-tabbed nav bar drop down…

IE7 doesn’t do that. It really does full screen. You see nothing but the webpage. It’s really sweet and simple.

And in case you were wondering, IE does have a nav bar in full screen mode. It’s just smarter and better looking (which kindof summarizes the differences between FireGerbil2 and IE7). If you move your mouse to the top of the screen a sexy nav window pops down. It then disappears instantly when you move your mouse away. This is what it looks like…

…And did you notice how the IE full screen experience supports multiple tabs by default? That’s nice. I wish FireGerbil did that. I thought FireGerbil was supposed to be really good at the multiple tab thang? Well, I guess not.

FireFox does allow you to bring the tabs up through a configuration change, or via hotkey. …But I have enough hotkeys and tweaks in my life right now. I like simple software that accurately anticipates my whim.

I bet the new FireGerbil slogan will be, “FireGerbil: It’s better than Safari!” …And I’ll bet millions of American’s will still be more than willing to chant it.

…Sometimes I think calling people sheep is being cruel to sheep.


4 Responses to “Full Screen? Not in FireGerbil! (grr)”

  1. Peter Says:

    What are you on?

    Unless one of the add ons I’ve installed has changed the settings when I hit f11 I get full screen unless I have more than one tab open in which case the tab bar stays visible.

    IE7 does feel a lot more refined and polished, and I like it a lot, but everytime I try and switch from firefox I miss the functionality I’ve installed in firefox.

  2. 8r13n Says:

    I’m high on Microsoft innovation and engineering know-how.

    The whole point of my post was that FireGerbil doesn’t allow a true full screen mode. There’s always some annoying ugly bar on the screen. If IE did this FireGerbil people would slam it.

    Your comment was about tabs in full screen mode. You are correct; FireGerbil shows tabs sometimes. My point is that IE shows the tabs unconditionally. They also automatically disappear when they’re not needed (smarter) and IE’s bar is sexy (better looking). …Oh yeah, and did I mention IE is the only one of the two that offers a true full screen mode.

    Here’s why FireGerbil’s “sometimes” strategy sucks. Sometimes I launch Full Screen with one tab and then decide I want two. In FireGerbil I need to change the default settings or press a hot key. To change the setting in FireGerbil click; Tools | Options | Tabs | Show Tabs Always).

    I just think IE is simpler, has a smaller footprint and works better. For example, if you really want to see tabs done right, press Ctrl+Q in IE. That’s awesome.

    Oh, and please name some functionality you prefer in FireGerbil. I’m curious. Maybe there’s something I don’t know about.

  3. Peter Says:

    heh, fair enough. The first sentence was supposed to read, “what are you on about?”, but my typo has more comedic opportunities, wouldn’t you agree?

    Aaanyway, I re-read your post this morning, so I tried using IE7 for extended periods, then switched to firefox with a new profile (thus disabling my extensions), and it’s full screen function is clearly better, in fact dare I say, the whole browsing experience is superior.

    As for for functionality that I cant live without,
    1 All in one Mouse gestures
    2 Noscript
    3 Bugmenot
    4 Tab mix plus
    5 Web developer
    6 Firebug

    It’s performance and productivity that I go for, and when firefox behaves, the browser and it’s extensions offers both of them in spades, when it doesn’t, well ie7 and opera are awesome backups.

    anyway, I just wasted 20 minutes typing out a comment about a browser, what was I saying about liking productivity?

  4. 8r13n Says:

    On the typo, I didn’t get the joke at first. ..But I get it now 🙂

    On FireFox, I’ll have to try it with your fav extensions. To be honest I always use the default install since I consider it a backup browser. …Maybe I’ll switch to FireGerbil yet..stranger things have happened. Like, I thought I’d never trade in my command line for a GUI. …But it happened.

    Oh, and thanks for the posts. I need more clever contributors.

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