June 13, 2007

“I’m waiting to see what happens to the others before I drink the Cool-Aid.” – Me on the iPhone

I have a feeling the iPhone will crash and burn, and here’s why…

  1. Nobody has been able to demo the keyboard without making mistakes.

    I’ve done a little bit of sales work myself, that guy must have practiced using the keyboard A LOT before the show. Previous mistakes had already caused many people to question the keyboard.  “…it works great if you trust the keyboard…” – Jobs.

  2. People won’t want to surf the Internet using their phone instead of their laptop.

    Holding up a phone and squinting to see the LCD isn’t fun, and data plans are expensive.

  3. Gesturing is cool, but after the thrill wears off it might become a chore.

    Honestly, why hasn’t anyone mentioned this? There’s a reason we use keyboards instead of touch-screens. …The keyboard is faster.

  4. The fancy graphics are nice at first, but after the thrill wears off the animations might seem time-consuming.

    What I liked about the iPod was that navigation was REALLY-FREAKIN-SIMPLE. All those other media players had more complicated, better looking GUIs. And I think iPod’s ugly little scrolling UI won for a reason.

Well we’ll see. I wanted to get these predictions blogged before the iPhone is released so I can revisit this when/if it flops.

….And if the iPhone isn’t a flop I’ll buy at least two.


2 Responses to “iPhone”

  1. me Says:

    interesting …

  2. Deb Reed Says:

    I’m on MySpace. Deb is my name, but the picture is not me. LOL

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