i-Bench or i-Don’t-Exist?

June 13, 2007

Ok, so Apple just had their little developers conference and Steve Jobs talked up the new version of Apple’s OS, Leopard. Jobs also was trying to sell Safari hard and fast. He mentioned this tool called, “i-Bench”. Jobs had called it the premier browser benchmark tool, but I can’t find it anywhere online.

…Yeah, I’m more than a little suspicious.

This software Steve Jobs has supposedly shows Safari running under Windows faster than IE or FireGerbil. It’s possible, since Apple’s Safari implements less layout commands it should be faster, but I doubt it.

I don’t think most people know which browser is technically superior, and that’s typically not how the winner in software sales is decided. Most people think FireGerbil is much smaller (in memory) then IE. …Actually, IE’s memory footprint is almost half of what FireGerbil 2.0 consumes. FireGerbil is a 200MB browser in RAM. See…

Don’t believe me? Check this guy’s blog out… LifeHacker IE7 vs Firefox 2: The Memory Showdown

…I wish Lynx was more popular these days. Now that was a browser you could really sink your teeth into!!! Lynx was the first browser I ever used, it consumed such a small amount of memory it isn’t even worth mentioning how much it was. Oh yeah, and it is immune to viruses and pop-up ads, etc. And wow, I almost laughed when I discovered this, the Lynx project is still up!!! Here’s the site.


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  1. me Says:

    really ? …

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