Reuben’s Visit

June 9, 2007

So the other day my little brother Reuben came back to town to visit over his birthday. Reuben is currently being held in what I describe as a Christian concentration camp near Spokane. …Actually, I only call it that in jest.   Reuben has always had difficulty concentrating, so I joke that this is at least half justified. In reality the facility is a place for guys fighting addictions. Reuben, being my brother, has online addictions he’s been battling with. 

Most the people Reuben lives with are struggling with more stigmatic addictions (like drugs). IMHO it’s good that he has a chance to see how low people can get when they give up on life or get hung-up on a thrill (I think all young people should understand this).

He’s been away for almost six-months now and he’ll be free in another six. If you’ve been following my blog, he is the guy I drove out to Spokane to visit about fix-six weeks ago. 

Anywyz, Reuben turned 18 while he was here, so naturally we had a little party for him…

This is Reuben opening my gift; the electric razor he’d asked for last Christmas. …I’ve been trying to talk him into crème but he won’t listen.

Anywayz, it was sad saying goodbye again but I’m looking forward to his return.  

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