Ancient city found on Google Earth!?!

June 7, 2007

See the large faded rectangle in the picture above?  That’s the wall of the Great Aten Temple as seen from high resolution satellite imagery.

Sarah Parcak of the University of Alabama at Birmingham uses satellite imagery to search Egypt for ancient cities.  She claims the amount of sites discovered in Egypt is something like 0.01 percent. That’s amazing if it’s true.

It seems the site above was about 200 miles south of Cairo. I also read the settlement dates back to about 600BC.  According to Sarah, “Based on the coins and pottery we found, it appears to be a massive regional center that traded with Greece, Turkey and Libya.”

It blows my mind that a little dust pile like that would be so well connected with the outside work.  It seems more likely to me that those foreign coins probably were acquired through a local exchange. …Who knows though, it’s cool either way.

Sarah didn’t say what technology she used, but who knows, maybe it was Google Earth.  This “high resolution” shot doesn’t look like anything special. Sarah says she finds cities all the time…Maybe you should give it a try!


One Response to “Ancient city found on Google Earth!?!”

  1. chococat Says:

    very interesting … i still want to go to Peru to see the Nazca Lines.

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