How to Scare Terrorists

June 7, 2007

So I’ve been trying to think of something we (normal Americans) can do to scare-the-crap out of terrorists…

Every person in America needs to take up recreational shooting and buy a few guns.

If the headlines read, “Sharp-shooting becomes American’s #1 sport as fans toss Nascar and Football to the wayside!” I think terrorists would think twice before moving here.  We’d be increasing our self-defense image while playing down our frivolous sports-fan image.  How could that be a bad thing?

Maybe instead of a $500 iPhone people should pickup a $499 Mini-14.  …Just a thought.  And it’s not like quality guns lose their value over time, they can be a good investment.  How much will that iPhone be worth in 10+ years?  …Yeah, exactly.

America, please start playing with guns more often!!!

Disclaimer: I was going to say that you should always play with guns responsibly, and obey all laws regarding firearms…But if you’re stupid enough not to do that you probably don’t read disclaimers. All the same, if this is you, go jump in a lake.


2 Responses to “How to Scare Terrorists”

  1. 8r13n Says:

    Yeah, I checked that out. Willie rocks! 🙂 I don’t totally agree with him, but I like his way of thinking.
    Just to be clear for others, I’m for guns and against gratuitous violence.

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