Mischievous Cats

June 6, 2007

Never trust cats.


4 Responses to “Mischievous Cats”

  1. Deb Reed Says:

    Words to live by.

  2. Deb Reed Says:

    Thanks for the funnies.

  3. chococat Says:

    hmmm i think cats are smart.

  4. Alex W Says:

    haha, actually, my latest nickname for the dog at my parent’s house is ‘craigslist’. As in, whenever somebody is upset because the dog has peed, pooped, jumped on the table, etc, I just say ‘craigslist’. A beagle with papers would be gone in five minutes in the ‘free’ section. Any takers?*

    *actually not at liberty to give away ‘craigslist’

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