New iPhones and iPods

June 5, 2007

There plenty rumors flying around about new iPods borrowing technology from the iPhone. Most of this stuff just makes me laugh. The picture above was from a suspicious Russian site.

I think it’s a given that Apple is going to implement their new iPhone technology in future iPods. ..That’s what technology companies usually do…Especially Apple. I’m more interested in Apples plans to embed iPhone technology in laptops.

I think iPhone technology would be more useful in laptops. For example, most laptops already have touchpads. The iPhone’s pinch to zoom and flick to scroll is cool on a phone, but I think that’d be even more useful on a laptop.

…Besides being more useful, it’s a lot easier to embed iPhone’s tiny devices into a big laptop case then it is to try and cram the iPhone into a tiny new Nano. So I think iPhone technology will be in laptops much sooner than iPods. I’m expecting new Apple laptops to have the following iPhone technology…

  • Integrated cellular options for MacBook Pros
    My Lenovo T60p does this already, I love it. …Actually I blogged this from my integrated cell modem.
  • Better touchpads with Pinch ‘n Flick (multi-touch) technology
    Simply put I think it makes more sense to flick between apps with your thumb, scroll, pinch to zoom, etc. on a laptop then a phone.

    Hmm, I guess this was already speculated…
    The new MacBooks will have MultiTouch…And HP appears to be thinking along these lines…
  • 130+ DPI Displays
    The iPhone has this super high-res 130+ DPI (dots per inch) screen. Most PC displays are 96dpi, most Apple displays are 72dpi. The iPhone screen is way beyond everything else and everybody loves it. MacBook Pros would blow away competition in side-by-side tests with those DPI rates.

Well, there’s more to say about this topic but I’ve run out of time for now. What do you think? Am I crazy or does this make perfect sense?


One Response to “New iPhones and iPods”

  1. 8r13n Says:

    My multi-touch prediction finally came true today…

    …Cell modems and high-dpi screens are next.

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