Canadians use Candles for Bonfire!?

June 2, 2007

Last week I randomly found myself in Vancouver, BC. My friend Tiffany had asked me to drive with her to BC, where she had plans to meet her bf, and I said yes before I thought the whole thing through.

We left around 12pm and arrived in BC sometime around 9pm. Famished we rushed into the nearest Irish pub and had a few drops of beer. Then we wondered the streets for a bit, and eventually headed across a bridge and down towards the park/waterfront opposing downtown Vancouver.

We wondered along the shoreline until I spotted some inviting logs on a sandy beach, along with what appeared to be bonfires. As I drew closer to the logs I realized, to my utter horror and astonishment, there were no bonfires!!! Instead there were groups of candles in their place!?!? This time our northern cousins have taken things too far. It’s high time we finish what we started, I say “54-40 or Fight!”

That was just too much for me. Double-decker busses are one thing; substituting candles for bonfires is something else. I insisted we leave Canada that minute. …So, we spent another four hours driving back to some friend’s near Lynnwood, WA. Finally, around 3am, I sprawled out on a couch to catch some shuteye.

It had been a long and tiring day, and I was eager to get some rest, but I paused for a moment to reflect and thank God that I live in a country where candles are candles and bonfires are bonfires.


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