Ad Scams

May 23, 2007

I hate being exploited because of ignorance. Ever since Microsoft released their nasty pop-down menu bar in Internet Explorer I’ve been seeing more and more sites trying to take advantage of my ignorance for a click somewhere because of a software glitch.  …Do you think that might have already happened to you?  Read on.

More and more sites have been exploiting users by taking advantage of IE’s pop-down bar which moves the page down causing the user to click in an unintended area, somewhere they weren’t trying to click.

Here’s an example from my life on-line.  Checkout the picture below and look under the banner ad in the middle…Ops, my cheap blog service doesn’t host decent sized images.   Well, the link there says, “Downloads start in 10 seconds! Otherwise, click here.”  That’s when Internet Exploders annoying pop-down menu moves the page down, instead of clicking on the “click here” link you’re going to hit the ad.  And BAM, the lame site gets a nickle for the ad click.   …Sometimes they get more then a nickle.

Someone made a nickle on me tonight because of a software glitch I didn’t know about, and I’m pissed.   WTF are those gerbils at Microsoft thinking!?!

…Does anyone else even notice this stuff?

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