Dinosaurs in Arizona!?

April 29, 2007

Picture me rollin’ down I-70 (one of the best stretches of road in America deep in the heart of Arizona) I’m relaxed, the sunroof is open and Johnny Cash is on the radio…When all the sudden a huge freakin’ dinosaur comes into view!?!  What the hell is a dinosaur doing in Arizona!!! 

…Maybe I’d simply been in the car too long, this was day four on my road trip across America.  Silently I wondered to myself if that hypnotizing dotted line had finally got the best of me.  To be honest I didn’t know why I was angry at this large lizard, frankly I didn’t care.  All I knew was that it didn’t belong in my timeline and I was going to put him back in the ground.

I remember jerking my car to the side of the road, grabbing my trusty Sog, jumping out of the car and my dad shouting to stand down as I moved swiftly towards my Jurassic foe.  The reptile was gnawing on a large carcass just off the road and hadn’t even moved when my car skidded to a stop in the soft gravel on the shoulder.  I was down wind and I knew that’d give me an edge.  I kept low to the ground and moved as quietly as possible I crept closer and closer towards my destiny.   

Suddenly the beast threw its head up and fixed his gazed directly on me.  We paused for a moment staring each other down, beast and man both lost in the bloodlust that burned in our eyes.   …Then I turned, started running and screamed bloody murder.  What the hell had I been thinking!?!  This thing was ten times my size!!!   Looking over my shoulder I saw the dinosaur in hot pursuit, I tripped and ate gravel.  The beast roared and snapped at me but I rolled out of the way just in time.

Quickly gathering myself I resumed my retreat.  My dad had already started the car and was waving at me to jump in.  I leaped into the front passenger seat and he peeled out as we raced away.  Anywayz, I know this is an amazing story, but I have the pictures to prove it! 🙂


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