Vista beats XP sales records!?

April 21, 2007

It’s an outrage that everyone is so anti-Microsoft, yet they love Apple.

Apple is headed up by a man who refused to acknowledge his daughter for years, even after two conclusive DNA tests. Apple execs had to demand he accept his daughter.

He also ripped off his business partner (Jobs ripped off Oz who actually was the brains behind Apple) And he has never publically apologized for that.

Yep, Steve Jobs is known for being a slime ball.

Microsoft on the other hand is headed up by a man who happens to be the biggest philanthropist in history, literally.  Yeah, that’s Bill Gates, one of the true great men of our time.  People are so stupid. …And yeah, the media is really doing their job “informing” people here.

One of the lowbrow fads in headlines has been Vista bashing ever since Microsoft’s second delivery delay years ago.  It’s gross.  It makes me puke.  …So when I read something positive about Vista, usually tucked away like this one, I blog…

“US sales of computers carrying Microsoft’s new operating system Vista soared in the week after it was launched, defying the expectations of analysts who gave Vista lackluster reviews. Personal computer sales for the week following Vista’s debut to succeed Microsoft’s Windows XP in January were 67 percent higher than those in the same week in 2006, and nearly triple those of the preceding week, according to Current Analysis.” –

Most people think Vista was a failure but it’s actually selling better then XP? Yeah, in reality Microsoft is murdering Linux and Apple right now.  A Vista machine would run Linux a billion times faster than Vista (actual number may be slightly smaller), yet people are still buying Vista. Why?  I’ll tell you why…

The average power user knows more about their PC then most geeks these days.  The people who have actually given Vista a chance liked it better and they told their friends.  Why? Here are four quick reasons…

  • It never crashes (it rarely crashes… it has crashed three times on me so far in six months).
  • It requires less maintenance. Things like automatic backups, protection from viruses, spam, you-name-it is built-in. …It’s not free, you have pay $50 a year for Microsoft OneCare (which is much cheaper than buying your own software from MacAfee, etc. But if you do that you never have to think about those things again. Well, so far I haven’t….
  • It looks sexy…

  • It has a more consistent interface, by that I mean the button/bar/icon/text layouts, etc. are located and operate more consistently.  This allows you to more quickly anticipate the next required cursor location and reaction more instinctually with buttons.  It also takes advantage of the latest hardware because it runs DirectX…
  • DirectX is nice folks.  It’s the graphics engine in the Xbox 360 and it’s on Vista.  If you want to game you should buy Vista.  It supports all the latest hardware. (read the next bullet)
  • Modern hardware has new faster drivers written specifically for Vista that are faster than their XP/Linux equivalent (because drivers that are optimized for Vista use newer faster instructions, and because Vista has more nifty APIs).

….Ok, I should just stop now. Honestly, I’m still reading about new features. Well, actually I have to share just one more…

  • Vista has this thing called a HyperKernel.  They call it a Modified Microkernel, but everyone else calls it a HyperKernel.  …Anywayz, it’s cool.  It has this thing called a Kernel Transaction Manager that gives applications the ability to work with the file system and registry using atomic transaction operations, it also has user space APIs supporting different OS environments.  Here’s a picture of it…

See how well Linux apps and Apple apps will fit in there?  Yeah, Microsoft kicks ass. …”Wait!” you say, “Linux will never allow that to happen!?!” …lol, Novell is Microsoft’s new friend. They’re going to release a version of Linux that drops right into Vista. Apple will be pressured to follow suit. If anyone tries to back out hackers from Russia will do this for pennies on the dollar. 😉 It’s true.


3 Responses to “Vista beats XP sales records!?”

  1. Adam Says:

    It’s not a bad Operating System, I just feel with some tasks userability has gone down with Vista. I have both XP and Vista and most of the time, it feels like a more chunky bloated version of XP. By the time Microsoft does fix up Vista, they’ll be onto Microsoft Vienna. I think Microsoft needs to stop making these small unpopular Operating Systems like Windows ME and Vista and start releasing the big good ones every once and a while. People keep talking about Vista when most people in the Computer World most likely will be talking about Microsoft Vienna in 2009. The bigger Vienna Operating System will overtake Vista and throw it into the historical trash. All Vista is; is a really bad modification of Windows XP. I wish Microsoft would stop putting out the bad scientific experiements inbetween and keep on the flow. I guess they need something for the Windows 2000 buying flow of computing. Vienna 2009 is the NEW XP not Vista, Vista is a chunky annoying service pack of XP, that hinders userability rather then helps it. The Pluses don’t really outweight the annoyances. This is from someone that has used it for 9 months and is still annoyed.

  2. 8r13n Says:

    Vista was almost entirely written from scratch at the cost of $7 Billion dollars. And sure it’s huge, but size matters. Good thing hard drives are cheap right?

    I didn’t read about any specific things you disliked in Vista, I wonder if you even read the diagram that took me so long to steal. Even if you did, go back and read it again. Vista, at its very core (the important part of an OS) is different from XP.

    Lets forget about the proven improved reliability Vista brings, about the fact that it requires less maintenance. Lets ignore how sexy it is, pretend DirectX is there in XP like it is in Vista and act like HyperKernel doesn’t even exist. What now? Vista still has geek in the trunk.

    Do you know what Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is? It keeps all your memory protected from buffer-overflow, etc. attacks by storing the memory in a seemingly randomly way. It alone knows were the data belongs since it marshals exclusively for the Vista kernel. Kernel Patch Protection, another new Vista thing, keeps that kernel from being exploited. You’ll NEED hardware acceleration for this to run totally smoothly, but it prevents attacks like no other OS can.

    The networking performance advantages are amazing in Vista. Vista supports hardware accelerated networking and the totally new IP stack is solid. I want you to go to this link…

    While you’re doing research go to Wikipedia and lookup Data Execution Prevention and Kernel Patch Protection.

    Then go to TechNet and read about the actual changes in the networking.

    …Don’t forget to read the Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Network Benchmark Study.

    We can discuss this further if you want to learn a little more about the topic first. Don’t believe everything you see and hear. There’s always a lot of buzz in the hype.

    I don’t think everyone is ready for Vista, but if you are I think Vista is ready for you. 🙂

    You wrote as if Vienna will solve all our problems. That’s not what Microsoft does.

    I’ve been a Windows user since version 2.0, look it up. Windows 2.0 was more similar to Apple than Vista is now.

    …Who cares where the idea comes from? Xerox invited the mouse and the GUI. They just didn’t realize what they had. Apple stole the technology from Xerox.

    At least Bill Gates didn’t abandon his daughter and refuse to acknowledge her after two DNA tests. Bill Gates is the worlds largest philanthropist. What a stark contrast.

    Nuff said. I need to smoke a cigarette.

  3. 8r13n Says:

    …lol, Ok. I just read what I wrote lastnight.

    I probably should have given you more credit for looking towards Vienna. It will be much revolutionary then Vista is. …But I still believe Vista is heads and shoulders above XP.

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