The Tunguska Event

March 14, 2007

Last night a caller to a national radio program mentioned the Tunguska Event. They didn’t even spend 10 seconds on this topic, the show quickly moved on but it stuck out in my mind.

Eventually I remembered reading about this a long time ago, for whatever reason I found it a lot more interesting the second time I heard about it. …Maybe because now I can quickly Google and Wiki information on it now. I love the Internet.

Well, I did some quick research. What I’ve learned so far is amazing. The Tunguska Event was this really odd thing that happened on June 30th, 1908 at 7:17AM in a rural part of north-eastern Russia. Some journalists have described it as an explosion, but all eye-witness accounts describe it clearly as a pillar of fire that came from the heavens, which split it two. They say it radiated invisible bursts of extreme heat. Some felt as if their clothes were on fire. This light or fire was soon followed by a shockwave which shattered windows and snapped iron locks, however common crops were not all affected so harshly. This shockwave apparently repeated 15 times over 10 minutes by some accounts.

The event left amazing evidence of destruction. Trees were blasted over and everything, including most the bark, was stripped from the trees. It’s estimated that 80 million trees fell over a 800+ square mile area. As you can see there was a little evidence of life or underbrush after this took place…

Today it’s widely accepted that this was caused by an asteroid…Even though the eye-witness accounts contradict this. It’s also worth mentioning that no expedition, including the Kulik’s expedition in 1921, has ever found evidence of a crater or asteroid. An Asteroid could not account for this, especially not the odd bit about iron locks snapping.

Well, I decided to give it a look on FlashEarth for a crater. Wikipedia had the location of ground zero at 60°55’N 101°57’E. Today’s public satellite imaging makes it easy to locate craters from comets. Here’s the shot from FlashEarth (using Google Maps).

Notice the odd shaped bare area in the middle of the picture? Why didn’t the Tunguska Event leave a crater? I did a Google for meteor impact sites and this is what they all look like, they all resemble bowl (checkout the pics below).

See the obvious difference? What we see at ground zero from the Tunguska Event looks like a bald spot, but there’s no bowl/crater like what we see at the actual asteroid/meteor impact sites. Considering the large area effected there should have been some kind of pit.

Now, some have suggested there was no crater because the asteroid/meteor exploded in the air. …If that’s true, why is there a bald spot and why wasn’t anyone able to discover any traces of rare metals?

They don’t have an answer for these questions. I haven’t been able to come up with a good reason anyone would classify this as a meteor/asteroid impact. I also think eye-witnesses would have noticed millions of flying rocks headed their way.

Another problem I have with the explosion theory is the shockwaves…more specifically, the number of them. According to witnesses there were multiple shockwaves over 10 minutes. That wouldn’t happen if an asteroid burst in the atmosphere.

These shockwaves were so powerful they registered on seismic stations across Eurasia, and caused atmospheric pressure changes that were detected by the barographs in Britain (and just imaging how insensitive those old tools were in 1908). The shockwaves also knocked over trees like toothpicks as is made obvious in the pics above.

In fact, for several days the night skies were aglow such that one could read in their light. This is according to thousands of eyewitnesses. …Again, why would anyone suggest this was caused by a meteor/asteroid? Here in the US our Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the Mount Wilson Observatory observed a decrease in atmospheric transparency that lasted for several months. ..How odd.

I have no idea what caused this but I find it annoyingly interesting…and you?


15 Responses to “The Tunguska Event”

  1. Maria Says:

    Very interesting…. didn’t know about such an Event….

  2. Maria Says:

    here is the link of the video in YOUTUBE

  3. 8r13n Says:

    Thanks, this has been making lots of news since I first published my post. …It’s truly one of the great mysteries of our time. As I wrote above, I’m still unsure what caused this, but I’m 100% convinced it could not have been an asteroid in any form.

  4. Maria Says:

    That’s great!!!

  5. me Says:

    They have found trace metals that have been determined to be of extraterrestrial origin. As far as not realizing that a bunch of rocks were coming your way, it’s moving about 10km per second. They didn’t exactly have time to write a book about it. There are lots of reasons to believe that this was an asteroid/meteorite/or comet. There have been multiple similar (though notable smaller) throughout recent history.

    Just because you can’t find answers doesn’t mean someone is hiding them from you.

  6. me Says:

    Expedition in 1961 recovering extraterrestrial dust:

  7. Unknown Says:

    The event in question is not of an asteroid but rather a powerful weapon. The history of this weapon goes back to Nikoli Tesla’s research. Google “Death Ray”. It’s true and government is covering it up.

  8. Kim R. Turner Says:

    Read the book “The Fire Went By.” This was a 1990’s publication which gave some very good eye-witness descriptions of the occurrence, and the interesting similarities to radiation poisoning which ocurred to both people and animals for some time afterward. If it was an other-worldly craft, we have to thank them for taking the craft into one of the least populated areas of the continent. kim

  9. kiwi Says:

    I agree the impact theory doesn’t have the evidence, The event occurred in the middle of the Siberian Traps, one of the biggest and most destructive volcanic zones on earth, it was more likely a multiple gas explosion, Wikipedia has a good article about a volcanic event called verneshot makes good reading, makes more sense that Earth is the villain here.

  10. Tesla Says:

    It was me.

  11. Joe Says:

    shoemaker levy broke into more than a dozen pieces before blasting Jupiter for several hours, one piece at a time. if the speed was great enough and the density of the objects great enough, yes, the item would quickly reach a critical temperature once hitting the friction of our atmosphere. Is that the one and only answer? Maybe not, but I would not discount it off-handedly. It is a reasonable explanation.

  12. MJG196 Says:

    When Japan was bombed no massive craters were left behind, but the cities (and people) were essentially vaporized/incinerated.

    Sound familiar?

    That is what happened in Tunguska. The “bald spot” you see in the photo is the epicenter of the event, above which the asteroid/meteor exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere.

  13. Randy Ham Says:

    The Tunguska Explosion was the result of a fragment of Comet Encke that passed by earth at the corresponding time of the explosion. This was foretold by the Lord God in Bible prophecy, the details depicted perfectly what happened. See Revelation 8:7 “First Trumpet”. The third “part” of trees burnt was fulfilled when the branches were scorched away, leaving the other two “parts” = the trunk and the roots under the ground; the grass was likely scorched away as well!

  14. Draxilion Says:

    I don’t think it was any of the suggested events in my educated opinion this event resembles the type of air burst tests that various governments have done in testing nukes the explosion was said to equal 1k Hiroshima sized bombs about 20 mega tons or 20 million tons of TNT it lvls the forest in the same way as Mount St. Helens did when it blew its top a nuke when detonated makes multiple shockwaves also there is one tell tale sign everyone keeps overlooking the fact that trees that are regrowing in the area are mutated to the point of being 11 times taller than trees in the surrounding areas this by the way also happened at Hiroshima which points to radioactivity comets meteors and asteroids don’t typically leave the amounts of radiation that you’d find from an area where there’s been a nuke detonated finally pre 1908 there was knowledge of radioactivity what’s the chance a Russian scientist succeeded in developing the worlds first nuke detonated it and died in the resulting explosion by miscalculating the destructive power of the device

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