Pirate ship spotted in Portland on Live.com

March 11, 2007

Do I win something for finding this? There’s a freakin’ pirate ship in Portland, Oregon on Live Search 3D. Check it out…

Click here to view the map of Portland including the pirate ship on Live Search 3D. Here’s another screenshot of LiveSearch 3D. I was looking for the name of that floating restaurant in the photo, and I found it….


2 Responses to “Pirate ship spotted in Portland on Live.com”

  1. 8r13n Says:

    …Yeah, so I was recently in the city for the Festival of Lights, the fireworks that precede the Rose Festival parade. Anywayz, I saw this pirate ship! They had it on display along with another older looking vessel! I didn’t see any pirates, but one suspicious character did emerge from the hull in what appeared to be a drunken haze. …And that’s pirate behavior, so I’m not closing the book on this one.

  2. SassMasterGeneral Says:

    Is that the pirate ship used in the Pirates of the caribean movie. I took my Nephews on It.

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