Dean Falk is a Filthy Lying Hobbit

March 3, 2007

Dean Falk is the wacko who took a deformed human skull, compared it with a other deformed human skulls, and declared it was different.  Regardless of the fact that all the skulls had already been clasified as human skulls, it was in fact a hobbit’s skull!. Finally answering that age old question, “Did hobbits exist?”

What bothers me is how many people took her seriously.

These skulls had already been classified as deformed human skulls by a team of qualified scientists. Most people wouldn’t even attempt to create science there, but that didn’t stop Dean.  She smelled a hobbit and she was going to get one!  Her released work outlines “key differences” which prove that one of the skulls belonged to a hobbit.

Who interviews these people!?!   My first question would have been, “Did anyone bother to compare DNA?”  We could pull a sample and easily check to see if this was indeed a new species. …And if it truly was, I’m sure the sneaky bastards would have. But since they know it’s a fraud they’re not going to allow this to be done. Someone should have asked, it should have been written about. …This was a freakin’ top 10 Google news story!?! Does anyone moderate this crap?

A normal person would be fired for telling their boss hobbits existed, and that she’d been spending her time studying the remains of one.   Only a professional educator or journalist could get away with this.  I wish they’d give Dean the boot back to the shire, but I’m not holding my breath.  She’ll probably win an award.


2 Responses to “Dean Falk is a Filthy Lying Hobbit”

  1. 8r13n Says:

    it looks like science is starting to accept the idea that hobbits may be fiction…–Hobbits–Weren-t-Human–Say-Scientists.html

    …but they’re only saying “some” skulls are frauds. the rest are legit hobbit artifacts. 😉 nice!

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