WiMo Vista Woes?

February 17, 2007

For a while now I’ve been using a Motorola Q Smartphone (they run that Windows Mobile thingy). I have a love-hate relationship with my phone, but I’ve been told this is healthy and normal. I might spend most my time on the device playing old Nintendo games while I’m standing in lines…but it makes me smile 🙂

A great Smartphone perk is having all your photos, audio, calendar, email, etc. ‘synced’ on your phone (kindof like an iPod). No, it doesn’t talk to iTunes, Microsoft has their own software. Until recently everybody synced their phones and PDAs using ActiveSync. Recently Vista’s Windows Mobile Device Center replaced the aging ActiveSync. Having just recently moved to Vista I was excited to try out the new upgrade.

I plugged my Q into my laptop and… … … NOTHING! Instead of being greeted by a successful chirp and Sync NOTHING HAPPENED!!! I was outraged (I hate it when they waste my time with new bugs in old functionality).

Finally around 2am I figured out what went wrong. It turns out Vista wouldn’t talk to my phone because it wasn’t initiating the conversation. My phone didn’t have a Sync “partnership” with my Vista laptop.

I found success by…

1) Opening ActiveSync on my phone.
2) Going to Options then Settings and deleting the partnership listed there.
3) Rebooting the phone and plugging it into the laptop.

This caused Vista to see the phone and create a new partnership.

Since getting Vista in the mood to Sync took so much charming I decided to blog about my experience in the hope that I might save some other poor sucker from suffering the same miserable experience.

If you’re not a WiMo user I apologize for what I’m sure was a boring blog entry…but this needed to be said!


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