February 11, 2007

I just made ANOTHER impulsive purchase…or did I? I was just playing around in Media Player when I decided to click that obviously tempting Urge button. A few keystrokes later I had 14 days of unlimited download without entering a credit card. …Thanks Vista! It was swell being able to download any music I wanted…well, almost any music. The Beetles aren’t up for download, but almost everything else is.

So, I wonder if the DRM on these will kill my tunes after 14 days? I’ll blog nasty if that happens. Right now I’m going to ignore the fine print and enjoy all the unlimited music I can.

Revision: I used this service until it expired, then I made sure URGE didn’t hit me with any fees before I signed up for a $9.99 per month account. I’m still happy three six months later.

These are some examples of what music navigation is like in Vista and with Media Player 11.


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